Tacx Blue Twist




The Blue trainers are excellent value for money. You get more for less: a powerful brake that manages the resistance and a robust frame with solid back legs. Tacx’s many years of experience have resulted in the design of this stable construction that can withstand all forces. The Blue features a simplified mounting system which makes the trainer easy and quick to assemble.

The Blue Twist has me braking system as the Blue Matic, but doesn’t include the handlebar resistance lever. You can set the resistance in 7 positions with a switch on the magnetic brake.The Blue Twist’s resistance is adjustable in 7 positions from the brake. With these different positions a climb or headwind can be simulated. The maximum resistance is 700 Watt.

Stand-alone training
Switch on brake, 7 positions
Also compatible with 29 inch MTB
Skyliner optional

Magnetic brake
2x 8 permanent-magnets
1 kg flywheel
Max. resistance 700 Watt