Tacx Satori Trainer




The Strong frame sits stably on the ground and can withstand maximum brute force. The brake consists of a very powerful Neodynium magnet and an extra-large steel flywheel. The position of the magnet relative to the flywheel is adjusted with the 10-position remote resistance lever. This gives rise to a magnetic field of such magnitude that it enables training to take place at unbelievably high power with low pedalling frequencies. A front wheel support which can also act as a carrying handle is included. You will deliver extremely high power even at very low pedalling frequencies, which is what you need just before the start of a race. The frame is anchored on two highly stable front legs, enabling you "safely" to develop unbelievably high levels of power.

Tacx T1856 Satori Trainer Details:

  • SoftGel roller with stainless steel running surface: sound-deadening and wear-resistant
  • Quick release lever; one-off setting
  • Resistance lever with indication scale; 10 different resistances
  • Collapsible frame
  • Front wheel support; doubles as carrying handle